• A Cup Cake Gift Pack


    Cup Cake Gift Pack – A great selection of your choice, beautifully packed and tied with ribbon. Great for taking to friends, as a gift or a surprise pack for home – 12 pieces for $250 represents excellent value!

  • A Red Velvet Layer Cake


    Deliciously moist Red Velvet cake, is coloured with natural beetroot colouring making a light and healthy choice. Layered with soft creamcheese frosting then smothered for a delectable finish.

  • Apple Crumble


    Luscious, homestyle Apple Crumble, a family favourite from a special family recipe, buttery shortbread base, juicy Granny Smith apples topped with a crunchy crumble, mouthwatering – top it with icecream for the perfect dessert or just enjoy by the slice!

  • Banoffee Pie – Toffee Banoffee Pie


    A luscious combination of caramel, bananas and cream, all nestled in a crunchy biscuit base. Ripe bananas, smothered in creamy caramel, loaded with cream and spinkled with chocolate powder – a classic dessert or great by the slice with tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

  • Beautiful Strawberry Layer Cake


    Delicious, light strawberry sponge cake, filled with layers of fresh strawberry cream filling and decorated with strawberry frosting in a beautiful display of roses – perfect for special occasions, dinners or just simply to enjoy.

  • Birthday Cake – Blue Butterflies


    Birthday cakes are our specialty and this one is special and popular. Delicious vanilla layer cake (or any other flavour) topped with buttercream frosting and decorated with a mass of beautiful butterflies – blue or a colour of your choice. Perfect for adults and children alike.

  • Blueberry Cheesecake


    A creamy classic cheesecake with swirls of fresh blueberries – delicious crunchy biscuit base and topped with juicy blueberry compote, a customer favourite. A great dessert, gift for a friend or just let it wait for you in the refrigerator.

  • Chilled Blueberry Cheese Cakes


    Chilled Blueberry Cheesecakes – Delicious small individual cheesecakes perfect for desserts or dinner parties – silky textured cheesecake loadeded with fresh blueberries and topped with whole berries. 6 piece minimum order or whole 8″ cake for $360.

  • Chocalate Orange Marmalade Cake


    Orange Marmalade Cake – a great bite into delicious jaffa flavour – a combination of orange and chocolate. Moist orange cake, layered with an orange and marmalade spread the smothered in rich chocolate ganache – just perfect!

  • Chocolate Cake – Double Chocolate Mousse Cake


    Double Chocolate Mousse Cake – A sensational chocolate dessert or cake to enjoy by the slice. Three textures – a crunchy biscuits base topped with layers of rich chocolate mousse. A classic chocolate dessert created to impress.